Redhead Trails + Dogs

As a dog-mom mountain biker, I long to bring my dog mountain biking. Even though we have had Mabel, our sheepadoodle, for three years, bikes still make her crazy. Not a chaser, Mabel goes nuts about our bike tires, barking and nipping at them as if they are creatures she needs to herd. All the best, then, that dogs are only allowed on leash at Redhead.

Mabel and I got out for a long run at Redhead last Friday. The day was perfect for trail mileage: partly sunny and breezy, keeping mosquitos at bay. Having started early in the day, we were just finishing as the weekend bike traffic was starting to pick up.

As an Iron Range Off Road Cyclists board member, I am tasked with trail maintenance checks and welcoming while at Redhead. Prior to Tuesday’s torrential rains, the trails looked REALLY good. As I ran over Brightside, Tough Mama, and Zen, I found myself LONGING for my bike to scream down the rolling downhills and catch just a smidge of air.

Everyone I saw was smiling. As a trail-runner that day, Mabel and I would pull off trail to allow bikers to go by. We got to greet a father and son, a couple from out-of-town, and a couple groups of guys. I found myself reflecting on the diversity of folks who use the trail, and I felt grateful for the multi-use community of Redhead that works thanks to the respectful relationship between hikers and bikers.

Thanks to the rain, Redhead is closed for the day. But IROC is out, inspecting and repairing. With sunny days next week I will be back on the trail–but on my bike this time. Maybe you will be there too?