Age: 49

Bike: Scott Spark

Why I Ride:

I ride for three reasons. First, I love being in the woods, experiencing the sights, sounds and smells. Second, mountain biking is meditative. It is a sport that requires my focus; I can’t ruminate on worries while mountain biking because I need to be present. Third, mountain biking is the BEST interval training. It can be the hardest cardio followed by the best rest and ride.

Favorite Trail: Redhead

What I like about Redhead is the rideability. I started biking in the late 1990’s, and everything we rode then was technical. There were not “mountain bike parks” on which to ride–especially up north. We had to ride roots, and rocks. Everything was brushy. Redhead is professionally built, maintained single track. We have teams keeping the grass and brush down, repairing water damage. Trails are rated, and a person can choose a “green” (easy) or “blue” (more adventure) ride. And it’s mountain biking! You can choose to ride rock gardens (e.g. Pit Plunge, Orange Crush). But what I love is going on and getting my fresh air and cardio riding Brightside to Zen, not having to navigate “lines.”

Favorite spot to eat:

My favorite place to eat after Redhead is Valentini’s. A long-time family owned Chisholm staple, Valentini makes their food fresh from family recipes. And the restaurant has this old supper club vibe. It also feels like a community gathering place.

Black Bear Bakery is a go to for an Americano before a morning ride, or for a late morning pick me up. They have fresh bakery for the gluten-eaters, and they have a fresh new venue.